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What are Cookie
Cookies are small text files (.txt file) created by the browser to store, the surfer's computer, information necessary to ensure a more efficient and personalized navigation.
Cookies help your browser to navigate better on websites, consulting navigation preferences that have stored in a previous navigation.

Why this site uses cookies
The Cookies allow surfers to better access to site content and greatly enhance their browsing experience by storing information such as browser type and language of the browser. Some cookies remain, others are deleted automatically when you close the web browser.

What types of cookies using this site
Cookies can be of different types by nature and purpose. This site uses:

Technical cookie - Cookie essential to browse the site and to make full use of the features.
In the absence of these Cookie, some necessary services or some modules, they can not be used.
Cookie functionality - Cookie reminiscent of the choices made by the user on the site (es. language, region, and size of the text, etc ...) to provide advanced features and personalized. The information collected by these cookies is anonymous and can not track the activities of sailors on other websites.
Performance Cookie - Cookie storing the ways in which users use a website, the most visited pages, frequency of return, provenance, etc... These cookies collect anonymous data for statistical purposes by the activities of the browser and not by visitors. They are used to improve the functioning and the contents of a website.

What Cookie using this site
This website uses the following cookies:

Cookie Name: d3282fc373c2f662f66cf2667d328bcc
Cookie Type: Cookie technical, guarantees the operation of modules and components.
Purpose: Uniquely identifies a browser and a browsing session.
Content: Unique for each user
Expiry: When the browsing session ends

Cookie Name: b4a4db702666c4e2574655f02ae8a452
Cookie Type: Functional cookies, stores the choices made by the user to custom functionality
Purpose: Store the navigation language selected by the user
Content: it-IT / en-EN
Expiry: 365 day

Cookie Name: _ga

Cookie Type: Cookies performance, stores anonymous information for a Web Analytics
Purpose: Used by Google Analytics to uniquely identify a browser
Content: Unique for each user
Expiry: Two years after setting / update
Source: Third Party - Google Analytics

Cookie Name: _gat

Cookie Type: Cookies performance, stores anonymous information for a Web Analytics
Purpose: Used by Google Analytics to track anonymously surfing the site of a browser
Content: Unique for each user
Expiry: 10 min from the start of the browsing session
Source: Third Party - Google Analytics

How do you delete Cookies
Web browsers allow manual or automatic deletion of cookies to the browser is closed. At any time the navigator can configure your browser to block the creation of new cookies by changing the configuration provided in the Privacy section. Disable the use of Cookies will no longer allow your browser to ensure the proper functioning of the site. The following guides to erase cookies from major browsers:

Internet Explorer

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